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                Home ? Product ? BY600 Series


                BY600 Serial

                BY600                    BY600-6                    BY600L                    BY600S                    BY600W                    

                With the 60 series it is possible to safely carry 600kg; Incredibly robust, beautiful to look at, and above all very reliable. The shape of this tracked conveyor is just one of its peculiarities,in fact under the guise it conceals a compact frame and highly resistant to the hardest work, a well-designed undercarriage to channel mud and soil materials to the outside of the machine, the lifting body and a compactness of the machine that allows the passage inside the doors of the house.

                In action! Photos and Videos



                image.png                                        image.png                    image.png                    
                PULL THE PLATE                    SPROCKET                    CYLINDER                    FORWARD AND                     
                   BACKWARD FILES                    

                Operation Pictures


                Technical Data Sheet

                  Weight kg(lb)                400(882)  320(145)  538(1186)  285(628)  489(1078)
                  Dimension mm(in)        2460*900*1480  2050*1150*1350  1900*850*1300  2050*750*1300  1900*850*1480
                  Engine                          Honda GX390 13.5HP  Honda GX200 6.5HP  Honda GX390 13.5HP  Honda GX390 13.5HP  Honda GX390 13.5HP
                  Transmission                Hydraulic transmission   Hydraulic transmission   Hydraulic transmission   Hydraulic transmission   Hydraulic transmission 

                  Loading weight kg(lb) 

                  600(1322)  600(1322)  600(1322)  600(1322)  600(1322)
                  Drum material              Plastic-spray  Plastic-spray  Plastic-spray  Plastic-spray  Plastic-spray


                We reserve the right to improve or withdraw the specification or products without prior notice.

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