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                Home ? Product ? Lawn Mower

                Technical Data Sheet

                 Model                      ANT216S                    
                 Engine  HONDA GXV160 5.5hp
                 Max. power  6.0hp/3600rpm
                 Max. torque  11.8N.m/2500rpm         
                 Cutting width  530mm/21inch
                 Mowing height adjustment  20-80mm / 7 levels
                 Driving Speeds  0.8m/s,1.0m/s,1.2m/s
                 Blade max. rev.  3200rpm
                 Max. gradient  20degree
                 Front/Rear wheel diameter  200mm
                 Wheel material  Rubber
                 Grass catcher  DACRON GRASS BAG
                 Bag capacity  73L
                 Fuel tank capacity  2.0L
                 Chasis Width  580mm
                 Chassis material  Aluminium alloy
                 Handle Type  folding handle
                 Rear Discharge capability  YES
                 Mulching capability  OPTIONAL
                 Engine Brake  OPTIONAL
                 Weight  46kgs
                 Dimension  94*59*43.5(L*W*H cm)
                 20GP  90PCS
                 40GP  180PCS


                We reserve the right to improve or withdraw the specification or products without prior notice.        

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